What Pregnancy Has Taught Me 


This is me halfway through my pregnancy. To my friends who are still asking if I’m seriously pregnant or not – yes, I am. No joke. I guess the initial shock has already passed, for me at least. I’m now slowly wrapping my head around the fact that there’s a miracle growing inside me. It’s amazing, and scary, and all levels of happiness I’ve never felt before. Here are some changes and lessons I’ve stumbled upon these past few months..

My sense of smell suddenly developed superpowers. I kid you not when I say I know there is someone smoking in the other room even if all the doors are closed! It’s amazing actually but as they say, great powers can sometimes be a curse. It was so hard to keep my lunch intact in my tummy when I smell meat or fish or onions being sautéed. But I had to fight through it because I love meat and fish and sautéed onions. My morning sickness lasted only a week or less. I’m a lucky one. 

The first time my baby fluttered was indescribable. No, I actually thought I was having a gassy tummy – again. Sorry, anak, I mistook you for a fart. Haha! But then that gassy-like flutter happened again, and it happened again. Now those tiny movements are what I look forward to every day. Sometimes I even encourage him with a little singing and dancing just to feel him move. Don’t ask the last song I sang and danced to! Oh, the little one makes me do silly things. 

This tiny person who I haven’t even met controls my life now. I went to the mall last week to buy some mommy clothes and I went home with a paper bag of a Batman onesie from H&M. What’s crazy about it is that Batman onesie makes the shopping worth it. I ended up empty handed for myself but still with a full heart. 

This mighty job of being pregnant is serious business. Nurturing life inside me isn’t a walk in the park. So far I have gained 15 pounds, I take at least 2 midnight runs to the toilet, countless runs to the fridge, heart burns, and emotional roller coasters. My body is taking a physical beating worse than any workout has ever come close to. 

It’s a community effort. My life will be in shambles now without the encouragement and support of some angels in my life. Thank heavens for my friends, my mommy friends, my cousins, and my titas. All the “eat this, do this, try that” and more are what helps me get by each day of pregnancy. A million thanks goes out to my ever so loving partner, who always reminds me I’m fat beautiful even if I feel like a whale.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. There is life growing inside me. Until now I still stop and let that thought sink in. It stuns me. It also terrifies the wits out of me. It excites me. It gives everything I do now a purpose; everything I do now is for someone else. And that’s a blessing I’ll always, always be thankful for. 👶🏽


Malaysian Talk


One day I’d like to be able to fluently speak and understand a foreign language to the point where I can get their jokes. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Roaming around different places gets challenging if you’re not able to communicate well with the locals. It took some time before my ears adjusted to certain accents. Aussies like munching on snacks and sweets, one of their favorites is the “mahs bah.” Japanese will greet you with “harro” and Chinese will say “sank you” if you give them hot water. Us Pinoys will say “good morning po, ma’am/sir” with a warm smile. 

Living in Kuala Lumpur for a year now and immersing myself into Malaysian culture led me to learning about their language. If you ever find yourself in Malaysia, here are 5 phrases that will help you along the way. Let’s break down that language barrier, shall we?

Just now. Oh, man. I must say that this is a Pinoy favorite. The first time I heard this was during one of my first solo flights. We have already landed in KUL and all the passengers have left the aircraft. The purser started the debriefing saying, “Just now the passenger ordered Nasi Lemak..” Everyone seemed to know what the purser was taking about. Me, the only foreign crew on the other hand found my eyes cluelessly looking for that passenger who is ordering Nasi Lemak now, at this very moment, after the flight. I never knew passengers are still able to order anything after the doors have been opened. I was confused. Turns out, just now is a term used referring to any given time in the past. I’m guessing it has a 24 hour validity. So if it happened this morning, before lunch, 3 hours after boarding, it all happened just now. 

TQ. You will see this when chatting with a Malaysian. It is a polite expression showing gratitude or appreciation. Can you guess the polite expression?

Thank you very nice. This is TQ in a whole new level. I only heard this several times, once when I went out of my way to help someone. It is the most sincere expression of thanks. 

Top up. At first I thought this only means adding up or reloading credit to your mobile line. No, it means so much more. If the toilet runs out of toilet paper, you have to top up your toilet. If your make up is fading, you have to top up your make up. If your food is bland, you have to top up with salt or pepper. No need for the prefix re- plus the root word (eg. replenish, retouch, reload, etc.) They all fall under one cluster which is top up. 

Lah. Malaysians love adding lah at the end of their sentence. It is heard frequently after yeah and no. Yeah lah or no lah. I still don’t know what this word means exactly but it somewhat brings a smoother flow of conversation. Agree, lah?

Have you ever heard of any expression that is distinctly Malaysian?  

Anyway, that wraps up our language lesson for today, kids. Thank you very nice for reading lah. ✌️😁

On Happiness

On Happiness

When I was younger (and more stupid), I believed that having the perfect life will bring me happiness. You know? The perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect house, the perfect car and most especially the perfect bank account. I did what it takes to achieve that perfect life. Somehow getting those things one by one made me happy.. But not really.. 

The perfect job wore me out. The perfect partner lied. The perfect house had a plumbing problem. The perfect car..ha! Wait I haven’t gotten to that part yet! The perfect bank account funded the bills. I made happiness directly proportional to achieving the perfect life, and when the imperfections rose, happiness gradually faded. 

Now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser), I have come up with a new definition of happiness. Let’s first accept the inevitable. Life will throw you lemons, the thing is, you can’t always turn sour every time it happens. Then how will you be happy when road gets rough? Well, simple, decide that you are happy. Because happiness is a choice. So whatever circumstance you find yourself into, choose to be happy. 

It’s really simple. My daily routine includes 1. Wake up and decide that it will be a happy day. Smile even if there’s no reason (yet) to smile. 2. End the day with at least one happy thought. It can be anything or anyone that made you smile. Practice this every day. 

Today’s happiest thought: I just realized that I cannot remember the last time I cried. It’s been a while. 🙂

So, what’s your happy thought for today? 



derived from : SEP(aration) ANX(iety)

: being in dire need of vitamin sea

: withdrawal symptom experienced everytime one is separated from the sea 

When your body aches for a certain kind of high, and that nagging, persistent voice in your head says, “Do it!” You have no choice but to give in. (Relax, friends, I’m not talking about drugs here✌️) 

It has been weeks since the sound of the waves calmed my worries and fears, and I’m glad that that nagging voice led me to the friendly waters of Langkawi. 

All I needed were : 2 days off, a few hundred ringgit, flip flops, bikini, a friend, and a wild wanderlust unwilling to be tamed. (Note : no hotel bookings, no maps, no nothing 😅)

Jaja and I waiting for the next Airasia flight to LGK ✈️

This is me with all my SEAsentials. 👙😎


This is Jaja with a week’s worth of clothes, etc. 👙😎👒👗💄😂

TIP: Try booking the window seat at the starboard side (that’s on your right when facing the cockpit) when flying to Langkawi. The view during landing is AWEsome! 😍

Here’s our post landing video on the Tarmac area. We already caught that vacay high, obviously. (Note : phones aren’t allowed on the Tarmac area. Sshhh..)

Going around Langkawi wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t plan anything beforehand. Booths that offer car rentals and activity package deals are all there at the airport departure hall. We decided to just hop on a 20 ringgit, 10 minute cab ride to Cenang Beach. We had to canvass a few resorts before finding the one that fits our budget and taste. We checked in Langkapuri Resort, it’s an okay 170 ringgit room with 1 queen size bed and 1 twin bed plus an also okay buffet breakfast.  See their and some other resorts room rates here

Dining and drinking at Yellow Cafe. Cheers!

Our trip’s highlight has something to do with flying. Not with airplanes, though. This time with a parachute! Parasailing was a first for us both. And it did not disappoint. The peace and quiet up there topped off with a spectacular view is something I’ll surely do again.  

Again, please!

Tip : Water activities are way cheaper during off peak seasons. Parasailing plus a jetski ride back to the main beach only cost us 50 ringgit. Expect it to double during peak seasons. So when exactly is the best time to visit Malaysia? Here’s a helpful guide for you. 

The rest of the day was just filled with buko juice, mangoes, seafoods, and lots of sun and sand. Just a few of my favorite things.  💞


Before I run again to the nearest beach, I’ll leave you with this beautiful Langkawi sunset. SEApanx pa more! 

Happy summer! Cheers! 

Keira ❤️



: a celebration of one’s anniversary in the aviation industry 

: a notable date that is remembered 

: the annual recurrence of the time when God gave me wings to fly  

This time last year I had not have even the tiniest idea what lies in the year ahead. Yes, it has been a crazy year of nonstop take offs and landings and call buttons and night stops. As I have dutifully mastered the operation of oxygen bottles and what to do if a passenger faints on the seat, among other things, I gained 5 other big ideas through my 365 days of being in the aviation industry. 

We live in such a beautiful world. This may sound so cliche but seeing foreign  cities in different countries only makes me appreciate how beautiful this world really is. As we all know, traveling for free is the biggest perk of being a flight attendant; and I am blessed to have the chance to marvel at this big, beautiful world! 

Homesickness bites, and when it does, it really hurts. Some days I wake to the insane craving for taho and I am thousands of miles away from the 10am suking mamang taho vendor. It sucks to be so far from everything familiar. But, it only makes going home so much sweeter. Never have I thought that the noisy nagging of the neighbor back home can be music to my ears. 

Hold true to your core. Tightly. When your job requires you to interact with people with diverse cultures, religions, beliefs, and way of thinking, conflicts are inevitable.  It will shake up  your senses. It is important that you remind yourself what your core values are, what you deeply believe in. Your core will be your guide in how you react to any difficult situation. 

Positive energy is contagious, so as negative energy. Little do people know that flight attendants fly with different other flight attendants every day. If we get rostered to a flight with a friend, it is by pure luck. This means most of the time, we fly with strangers.  I have learned that 1. Nothing can make or break a flight than the attitude of your workmates, and 2. A smile plus a little compliment can disarm even the bitchiest crew. So, smile, even if that lady in 14G presses the call button like crazy. Smile. 

Nothing is forever. Except your family. Relationships will turn sour. Friends will grow apart. Boyfriends will cheat. Heck, even that cute passenger in 35A will have to leave soon! One thing I’m very sure of is this: when I have nowhere else to run to, I run home to my family. Nothing can boost my confidence and strength than a phone call from my mommy. 

Happiest flyaversary  to me (and my batchmates!) 😁



Cheers to the next 365 days of flying 40,000 feet above the ground! 👸💞✈️